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    Would A MBean ClusterBinding Be Useable?

    Jimmy Wilson Apprentice

      I have been toying with some ideas around building a "cluster binding" MBean. This MBean would be a dynamic MBean so that it could assume the interface of any other MBean (either specified at contruction or possibly specified via the depends tag). Essentially, it would be a proxy (or wrapper) that would create a "clustered" version of a non-clustered MBean.

      When using this MBean to change attributes or perform operations, those changes or invocations would be reflected across every node in the cluster. Furthermore, upon deployment, this MBean would also query the cluster for its state (if any other instances of the clustered MBean existed elsewhere). Combining this MBean with farming would make this a pretty useful thing (I think).

      My question is twofold:

      * Though I think this could be useful when you have to make changes across large numbers of nodes, would anyone else find this useful? I would be glad to submit it to the JBoss MBeans contribution wiki page.

      * Are there other considerations I should be making? For example, other approaches using AOP (with this as a starter for that?), or possilbly MBean interceptors, though with my cursory look through JBoss code it appears I might not be able to intercept everything needed.