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    HAJNDI access of NamingContext.localServer

    Scott Stark Master

      As part of JBNAME-8 to add security for sensitive operations, I really need to remove access to the public static localServer variable of the org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContext class. It looks like the only current user of this outside of the naming project is the org.jboss.ha.jndi.HAJNDI class which implements the Naming server interface.

      I'm going to add a static Naming getLocalServer() accessor that can have a permission check, so HAJNDI naming will have to be updated to use this once the 5.0.0.CR3 jnpserver release is out. I'll do the update when I switch over the jbossas version of jnpserver.

      For the related TODO in the HAJNDI code we really should be injecting the Naming instance. When I integrate the next jnpserver version I will be switching the naming service configuration to be an mc -beans.xml deployment.