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    Jboss Clustering Performance Question

    Themis Dakanalis Newbie

      Hi and sorry for posting here,

      I am interested on some performance issues related with jboss clustering. In particular, I want to ask if the synchronization between the nodes in a Jboss cluster occurs in a synchronous or asynchronous way. For example, lets suppose that we have a two node cluster (node1, node2) and a user places a request which is served by the node1. Which of the following options is right: a) The node1 serves the request and then the state of the node2 is updated (asynchronous way), b) the state of the node2 is updated and then the node1 serves the request (synchronous way) .

      In addition, I want to ask if there are measurements about the average time is needed for the node synchronization in a Jboss cluster (in a typical environment) and the relation of that time with the average time for serving a users request.

      Thanks in advance !!!