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    JBossCache 1.2 released

    Bela Ban Master

      Main features are:

      - JDBC CacheLoader: allows to load/store data from DB
      - Common dta transfer format: this allows for replication between different
      CacheLoaders, e.g. FileCacheLoader and JDBCCacheLoader. Also
      enables replication e.g. between MySQL and Oracle
      (still needs more testing though)
      - More refactoring: users can write and add their own interceptors
      - JNDI binding: remote (RMI) or local (servlet) clients can simply look up
      a reference to JBossCache from JNI and use it
      - New DelegatingCacheLoader: allows for hierarchies of caches
      - Enhanced support for collection classes in TreeCacheAop
      - java -jar jboss-cache.jar now prints version of JBossCache
      - Many bug fixes (especially concurrency)

      The web site will be updated shortly, updated documentation is contained in the download though.


        • 1. Re: JNDI Pool Name
          Sheldon Li Newbie

          Yes. I'm afraid I have been doing this so long I don't recognize the simple parts any more:-(.

          Write your adapter, packaging it properly with a classes.jar inside a .rar with META-INF/ra.xml and deploy it in the deploy dir. This should generate some deployment activity and there should be a RARDeployment mbean showing you some of what is in the ra.xml. This part basically makes the adapter available to the rest of the system, but it can't be used until you supply the ***-service.xml with the ConnectionManager, pool, and (another, different) RARDeployment mbean specifying all the properties of an instance of your adapter.

          Deploying the ***-service.xml should result in your connection factory being bound in jndi and 3 more mbeans being visible.

          The best model for a non-jdbc adapter ***-service.xml is the firebird-service.xml since that is not a wrapped jdbc driver but a natively jca adapter that happens to have a DataSource as its ConnectionFactory.

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            graham o'regan Newbie

            the archive on sf.net seems to be corrupt :P, I've tried to download it 3 times with the same result, has anyone else had this problem?

            • 3. Re: JBossCache 1.2 released
              A V Newbie

              Ya, cannot unzip the file. I have been waiting for 1.2

              • 4. Re: JBossCache 1.2 released
                Jeff Hiatt Newbie

                that makes at leaset 3 of us...

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                  Ben Wang Master

                  Obviously there is a problem there. Please stay tune for further announcement. We will fix it soon.



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                    Ben Wang Master

                    A new version of 1.2 release has been uploaded again. Please check it out.


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                      Hongqi Jia Newbie

                      I downloaded JBossCache 1.2 package and tried to run the testcases coming with the relase. But it turns out that all the lib jars are not j2se1.3.1 compatible. According to the documentation, they are supposed to be working with j2se1.3 or above.
                      So where can we download the source files and build the lib jars out of the source file? Or can JBoss people rebuild their release on j2se1.3 to make it really 1.3 compatible?

                      • 8. Re: JBossCache 1.2 released
                        Ben Wang Master

                        We currently build JBossCache under head with 1.4 JDK. If you need 1.3, you can check out the source under 3.2 branch (cvs co -r Branch_3_2 jboss-3.2) and build it with 1.3.

                        But keep in mind that the JBossCache version there is slightly different from the one in head.


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                          Dan Johnson Newbie

                          Is there any documentation/support for JBOSSCache 1.2 being used in JBOSS 3.2.X? I've tried a few configurations with 1.2 and have not been successful (after getting past the new JNDI settings I hit a ClassCastException).

                          • 10. Re: JBossCache 1.2 released
                            octopus Newbie

                            There's a bug in 1.2 release. Reproduced on cache running in replicated mode when IsolationLevel=NONE

                            cache.put() causes exception:

                            Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: getLockStrategy: LockStrategy selection not recognized. selection: NONE
                             at org.jboss.cache.lock.LockStrategyFactory.getLockStrategy(LockStrategyFactory.java:51)
                             at org.jboss.cache.lock.IdentityLock.<init>(IdentityLock.java:75)
                             at org.jboss.cache.Node.init(Node.java:100)
                             at org.jboss.cache.Node.init(Node.java:96)
                             at org.jboss.cache.Node.<init>(Node.java:79)
                             at org.jboss.cache.Node.createChild(Node.java:227)
                             at org.jboss.cache.interceptors.CreateIfNotExistsInterceptor.createNode(CreateIfNotExistsInterceptor.java:65)
                             at org.jboss.cache.interceptors.CreateIfNotExistsInterceptor.invoke(CreateIfNotExistsInterceptor.java:43)
                             at org.jboss.cache.interceptors.Interceptor.invoke(Interceptor.java:40)
                             at org.jboss.cache.interceptors.ReplicationInterceptor.invoke(ReplicationInterceptor.java:51)
                             at org.jboss.cache.TreeCache.invokeMethod(TreeCache.java:3078)

                            To fix it replace in LockStrategyFactory

                             public static LockStrategy getLockStrategy(IsolationLevel lockingLevel)
                             //if(log_.isTraceEnabled()) {
                             // log_.trace("LockStrategy is: " + lockingLevel);
                             if (lockingLevel == null || lockingLevel_ == IsolationLevel.NONE)
                             return new LockStrategyNone();
                             if (lockingLevel == IsolationLevel.REPEATABLE_READ)
                             return new LockStrategyRepeatableRead();
                             if (lockingLevel == IsolationLevel.SERIALIZABLE)
                             return new LockStrategySerializable();
                             if (lockingLevel == IsolationLevel.READ_COMMITTED)
                             return new LockStrategyReadCommitted();
                             if (lockingLevel == IsolationLevel.READ_UNCOMMITTED)
                             return new LockStrategyReadUncommitted();
                             throw new RuntimeException("getLockStrategy: LockStrategy selection not recognized." +
                             " selection: " + lockingLevel);

                            lockingLevel_ == IsolationLevel.NONE with lockingLevel == IsolationLevel.NONE

                            • 11. Re: JBossCache 1.2 released
                              Bela Ban Master

                              can you verify this is also broken in 1.2.1 (CVS head) ?

                              • 12. Re: JBossCache 1.2 released
                                octopus Newbie


                                "bela@jboss.com" wrote:
                                can you verify this is also broken in 1.2.1 (CVS head) ?

                                Just updated from jboss-head and it's still there.

                                • 13. Re: JBossCache 1.2 released
                                  Saksiri Newbie

                                  BTW, the CVS tag for this appears to be JBOSSCACHE_1_2.

                                  • 14. Re: JBossCache 1.2 released
                                    Bela Ban Master

                                    Fixed (in CVS head, 1.2.1)

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