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    Replication stops after sometime

    prateek mathur Newbie

      Im using TreeCacheAOP.I am replicating a HashMap and objects stored in it(I actually do a putObject on the hashmap)
      The key to the HashMap is a string,and the value is an object of my own class called UserSessionObject.
      UserSessionObject has a field called userTimestamp of type Timestamp.

      So after every 5 seconds this field is updated for some UserSessionObjects in the Map.

      Initially the replication goes on fine, after around 5-7 minutes there is no replication that seems to happen.

      We have configured it to be using the REPL_ASYNC mode.
      There are no kind exceptions in the log.Is there anything we are missing?
      Do I need to make my objects aspectizable?..there are right now Serializable...I think that TreeCacheAOP automatically makes internal objects aspectizable...