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    Error when reloading scrollableDataTable in browser error wi

    Jing Fu Newbie

      Here is the environment: Richfaces 3.1.2, portlet-3.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar (bridge), liferay portal, JSF 1.2, facelets, Tomcat 6 and firefox. We put the scrollableDataTable within facelet . scrollableDataTable comes up fine in liferay portal, and works as expected. But if we hit the "reload" button in browser, it crashes with this classic JSF error: java.lang.IllegalStateException: duplicate Id for a component.

      Note this error only happens for page with data bing, and only happens when reload browser, and only happens if it is portal. I can't duplicate it in a servlet.

      So is it a known issue in the portlet bridge, or there is already workaround? Appreciate any help.

      BTW, I tried the "portlet-3.2.0.jar", but any page comes up blank. Anyone got "portlet-3.2.0.jar" working?