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    transaction and ejb3 transaction annotation

    nello sgambato Newbie

      hi all,
      i've deployed jboss cache 2.2 within my ear in jboss as 4.2.3
      and configured it to use the as transaction manager

      i call the cache from an ejb3 annotated to be transactional
      as inside it, there are db updates and cache inserts too.

      the cache is configurated to use optimistic lock
      but i notice that the transaction always commit,
      the db is correctly updated, but the cache always miss

      i think that the problem could be that the cache never commits...
      i never call explicitily the jta api, cause if i try to call
      tm.begin() i get a transaction state exception because there is yet
      a transaction associated to the current thread.
      perhaps i don't want to suspend this transaction, but partecipate to it...

      where i'm wrong??

      tnx in advance