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    Using Hibernate and JBoss, how to?

    Barry Lulas Newbie


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      Currently we are using the 2nd beta of JBoss 4.0 in our product and we have been looking into persistence engines for a while. After much research we have decided on Hibernate, for obvious reasons. The integration of Hibernate into JBoss is great news!

      It's a little unclear to me as to the level of integration that Hibernate and JBoss will have besides being the CMP mechanism for JBoss.

      We are not interested in using Entity beans in our application, but to use simple OR-mapping with Hibernate. How will Hibernate be integrated into JBoss in order to support this approach?

      Is there some sort of document out there that shows how to install, setup, configure, and use Hibernate and JBoss together without using CMP?

      Thanks in advance!