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    Jaws, Standardjaws, and EJB datasource

    Dwight Smith Newbie

      I have what is probably a stupid question. I have an ejb bean that i am deploying.
      I have defined the <table-name> tag in the jaws.xml file that I am deploying with it
      In the standardjaws.xml I have defined a tag that corresponds to one
      that I defined in the oracle-service.xml in the ..\server\default\deploy.

      My question is how is the ejb bean associated with a datasource? How does it know
      which database and table it is representing? Especially if you want to have multiple
      datasources? I inherited an a project with one bean that works fine, but there is only
      one datasource on the server. What if i have another bean that I want to add that represents
      another table in a different database?

      I understand how the JDBC connections are made with the linitialcontext lookup for a
      datasource, but not how the beans are associated with a datasource.

      Thanks for any help you can give.