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    Postgres problem "table xxx alredy exist"

    dzerzhinsky Newbie

      Hello all!
      The problem I've faced with is that when I create simple app that has only 2 beans (I need just to test)
      and then deploy it to JBoss I have a message:

      table "xxx" alredy exist

      (As you understood - "xxx" is a name of sample table).
      Here some fingerprints:
      1. One of tables was created succesfuly;
      2. After second time deployment I has 2 messages like above for all beans' tables;
      3. I'm using JBoss 3.02, Postgres 7.3 and newest driver for Postgres

      I've been searching inet for this problem and couldn't
      find ANY messages concerning this.

      I hope someone has this problem and could help me, I
      can't start working on my project without it!

      P.S I've deployed postgres-service.xml with only changes from /doc/jca/postgres.xml is dbURL and user name.


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