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    3.2 documentation

    Roger Ackroyd Newbie

      Can find no mention of status regarding above since posts by stark in early May. I now want to purchase an annual docs subscription. Only May issue is currently available (3.2 draft only) with 3.2 final docs promised in June edition - when? only 4 days left. Really do'nt want to take risk of wasting time learning 3.2 with 3.0 docs if June ed. is held up into July or even August when everone is on holiday and nothing may get done!. Also that would be a month or more subscription snuffed out if the drafts that are supposed to be in the May ed. are unusable. (and I cant judge either of those, till after I bought them exept on basis of QuickStart-3.x.pdf!). If I buy now does sub start 1st May or date of purchase?
      If similar happens at other end of annual sub, could essentialy lose out at both ends. Presume you hope that many subscribers re-new their subscription at the end of each year and therefore I am sure build good value into docs even when software is free.
      Would appreciate any answers in respect of enquiries above especially expectation for 3.2 final docs release.