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    Win32 download option is ridiculous

    jboss.magiconair.net Newbie


      I heard all the great things about JBoss and want to have a look at it. I like your business model and bought the admin guide for 3.2 right away to get started and to support you guys. I am willing to buy more documentation if it is worth it - not just for me but for my colleagues as well.

      However, using Linux at work and a Mac at home makes it difficult for me to download the documentation. Especially when I am forced to install an application to download a simple PDF document.

      Now I have to call a friend to download the documentation for me. Give him my username and password and send it to me.

      What is the point of selling the documentation over the internet if I cannot get to it?

      I think you guys should choose your business partners more carefully because this is ridiculous.

      How is this supposed to work with documentation updates which I am also willing to pay for? Do I always have to call someone or go through technical support?

      This just doesn't go well with the tone of the white papers that I've read on your website which basically all describe what in-depth, well thought-out solutions you have built into JBoss in comparison to all the other standard app servers. And then this ...

      Is this going to be fixed soon?