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    JBoss Clustering Documentation Is Misleading About Farming D

    Jimmy Wilson Apprentice

      The JBoss Clustering documentation on page 51 (chapter 7, first paragraph, first sentence) states that "With JBoss clustering you can hot-deploy across the whole cluster just by plopping your EAR, WAR, or JAR into the deploy directory of one clustered JBoss instance."

      Since the deploy directory reference above is not highlighted in the documentation in any special way, it may not refer to the "deploy" directory as I originally thought it did, but it led me to think so regardless. Obviously the all server's default configuration requires that farmed components be placed in the farm directory.

      Could the documentation be corrected/modified to indicate that by default, the farm directory is the correct location for deployment of components that you would like to be farmed? I scratched my head about this for a bit, and I would like to save anyone else that effort.