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    Fix for PerInstanceAdvice.java

    Neil Avery Newbie

      It would repeatedly reinitialize itself on every invocation because the
      "initialized" flag wasnt being set. Net result was very slow performance when using PER_INSTANCE scoping.

      ps. I wasnt sure where to put this.

      public Object invoke(Invocation invocation) throws Throwable
      Object targetObject = invocation.getTargetObject();
      if (targetObject == null) return invocation.invokeNext(); // static method call or static field call

      Advised advised = (Advised)targetObject;
      ClassInstanceAdvisor advisor = (ClassInstanceAdvisor)advised._getInstanceAdvisor();
      Object aspect = advisor.getPerInstanceAspect(aspectDefinition);
      if (!initialized)
      init(adviceName, aspect.getClass());
      >>>> initialized = true;
      Method advice = resolveAdvice(invocation);
      Object[] args = {invocation};

      return advice.invoke(aspect, args);
      catch (InvocationTargetException e)
      throw e.getCause(); //To change body of catch statement use Options | File Templates.