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    doGet has something special to it?

    Balamaci Serban Newbie

      Well i don't seem to make this work:
      if I use:

      <bind pointcut="execution(* com.test.proiect.web.index->doGet(..)) AND within(com.test.proiect.web.index)">
       <interceptor class="com.test.proiect.web.AspectAutentificare"/>

      where index is a class which extends HttpServlet
      it doesn't seem to work.

      when I try:

      <bind pointcut="execution(* com.test.proiect.web.index->doGet(..))">
       <interceptor class="com.test.proiect.web.AspectAutentificare"/>

      IT WORKS.
      I only resorted to this redundant pointcut example because other logic expresions fail too.
      Actually all the pages in the package should be intercepted on the execution of doGet and autenthification checked, all but the page to which i'm redirectiong in case of unauthorised acces.

      Ok si shouldn't the first pointcut intercept the call on the page too?