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    CORBA servant MBean?

    Jimmy Wilson Apprentice

      There have been several posts recently asking how one might plug a CORBA servant into JBoss as a method to wrap EJB calls behind customized IDL or to just utilize extant servants "as is". Given this interest, it seems like writing an MBean that could load/manage any CORBA servant class would be a good idea, and I would like to contribute such a bean.

      Here are some quick thoughts about functionality:

      * This MBean would depend on at least the CorbaORB MBean.

      * The servant after being activated, could be registered with the CORBA naming service provided by JBoss via the CORBANaming MBean (and a third party one as well).

      * Since MBeans have a definate lifecycle, it might be a good idea for this MBean to really represent a named POA, since the MBean lifecycle could be mapped to a POA lifecycle. This would also allow for the configuration of the POA's policies and the inclusion of a POAManager if need be.

      Is this a worthwhile effort? Is this something that could be a part of JBoss, or would this be better served as a "thirdparty" MBean (the contributed MBeans wiki)? Is there any other functionality that might be useful to have?