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    Test suite classpath normalization

    ryan.campbell Expert

      While the test suite allows you to test the server binaries available under jboss.dist, it does not allow you to test the client jars available under ${jboss.dist}/client. Instead, the client classpath is essentially all the jars either:

      1. Produced by the build under */output/lib
      2. Downloaded in /thirdparty

      This prevents you from testing the client jars under ${jboss.dist} and fully validating that image which is useful for many different applications including patch testing and the testing of various installation techniques. Perhaps just as important, it will allow us to detect inadvertent omissions.

      I have created http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBAS-3993 which suggest we should source the tests.classpath primarly from ${jboss.dist}/client/*.jar, and only supplement as needed for test cases which require additional jars.

      I propose the following approach:

      - rename the existing tests.classpath to tests.compile.classpath
      - create a new tests.classpath which is intially only contains ${jboss.dist}/client/*.jar
      - add additional jars as needed. I would expect things like apache HTTPClient. Each of these exceptions should be listed in this thread so we are aware of what they are.

      This should first be implemented in Branch_4_0, then 4_2, then trunk. Most of the task will be identifying which additional jars must be added to the classpath besides ${jboss.dist}/client/*.jar and verifying this work causes no regressions.