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    ECPerf Configuration for JBoss - HELP!!

    danielagatt Newbie


      Is there any documentation out there on how to configure ECPerf 1.1 for JBoss 3.2.0??

      I'm trying to follow ECPerf's docs but I am stuck in the step "Build and Deployment Process" where I have to run "ant -f ri.xml". I have renamed ri.xml to jboss.xml and I tried to adapt it to our environment. It simply does not work! Since the document only describes setup steps for J2EE RI I am finding it practically impossible to adapt since I am still very new to JBoss.

      Now I've tried to copy ecperf.ear and emulator.ear to JBoss's deploy directory but I'm getting the errors shown in the file attached.

      Can someone pleez help??!!

      Thanks in advance