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    JBossIDE / JEE5 features for JBoss Webservices


      Hey guys..

      I'm going around collecting information about what features you envision being supported by JBossIDE in your project for JEE5/JavaOne. I'm starting this thread to get your requests / wishes / concerns for a JBoss Webservices IDE written down so we can assess what is and isn't doable by JavaOne timeframe (if it's not doable, then we will probably put it on the roadmap for a later release).

      Thanks, look forward to the discussion..

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          Chris DeLashmutt Newbie

          I think the sorts of things like "Create Skeleton Web Service", "Create Client side Proxy (from WSDL)", and "Test Web Service" are key. Create Skeleton Web Service would generate all of the necessary WSDL, descriptors, and a basic Java class implementing the web service. I think it would also be quite nice if you had a method to "Promote" a method on the Java Class to become a registered method in the WSDL automatically. Create Client Side Proxy should consume a WSDL, and create a simple proxy for communicating with the Web Service. Test Web Service should be a simple interface to allow easy testing of a web service, invoking it's methods, and viewing/decoding responses. It should be able to walk UDDI, or just communicate directly with a Web Service.

          I would also like to see support for JSR 181 annotation assistance with Ctrl-Enter. Show all the possible attributes of the @WebService and related annotations.

          I think that Eclipse WTP has the rudiments for some of this, but it currently doesn't appear to work properly with JBoss 4.x (using the Pro Eclipse JST plugins for JBoss AS 4.x).

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            Hey Chris.. Thanks for your suggestions...

            One quick question with regards to WTP webservices tooling -- I haven't had a chance to use this to any real degree so maybe you can speak to it better than I can.

            What exactly is the incompatibility with AS 4.x?

            Also, is there any JBossWS specific funtionality you could envision us "toolizing"?

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              Thomas Diesler Master

              You need to talk to Jason about this. Essentially JBossIDE needs to integrate with WSTools, which is part of JBossWS - all features thar are supported by wstools should be available through the IDE

              Here is a promissing candidate.


              You can deffer this issue until we have released jbossws-1.0. Jason will drive the requirements for IDE integration.

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                Ole Matzura Novice

                Hi guys,

                I'm the author of soapui (http://www.soapui.org), mentioned in the JIRA issue referred to in the previous post by Thomas. We would be happy to integrate "top-down" jbossws tools and related functionality into soapui, for example features like:
                - create skeleton implementation ejb from wsdl (including mapping files, etc.)
                - create skeleton client from wsdl
                - (j)uddi browsing/registration integration
                - etc..

                The whole "testing" bit is already available in soapui, ie invoke/inspect a webservice, look at results, etc. Version 1.5 will be available any day now, boasting a load of new test-related features, including loadtesting, groovy-scripting, etc..

                Version 2.0 of soapui is planned to be ready sometime this spring/summer and will focus on "standards-compliance", including attachements, basic-profile-validations, etc.. This could also be the version including the above mentioned jbossws tools integration. We would definetely have it ready for JavaOne if required.

                (We are considering eclipse-integration.. maybe that should be on our list to better "play" with the general jbosside approach..?!)

                anyway.. We are happy do discuss any desired approach by you, let me know!

                best regards,


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                  Hi Ole, thanks for the reply.

                  My main question/concern would be that this discussion was formed for JBossWS functionality specifically in JBossIDE. Do you plan on integrating soapui with Eclipse anytime in the near future? I think for a swing-based app it might be almost better to try and start from scratch due to the fact that swing<->swt integration is fairly unstable IIRC. It looks like at least some of your functionality would be easy to reproduce in eclipse (see the webtools project: http://www.eclipse.org/webtools for a good start). Is this something you've given any thought to?

                  Thomas -- it is my understanding that our GUI based tool standard is the Eclipse platform. Unless Ole's team can retrofit soapui for JBossIDE, or we decide that an Eclipse fork is the way to go, we will have to go with our own implementation most likely. When is the target for JBossWS 1.0? We will need to start working on tools before you make a stable release if we want to have any kind of support by the time you do release =).

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                    Ole Matzura Novice

                    Hi guys,

                    Thanks for your reply and kind consideration. We've discussed this issue within our team and come to the conclusion that we would be happy to create a soapui eclipse-plugin complementing the WTP and containing the "top-down" features required by the jbossws team. Regarding "bottom-up" features (webservice annotations, java2wsdl, etc) this would be outside the scope of our project and would thus have to be implemeted seperately (=by you). If your top-down feature-set is not "unreasonable", we should be able to have the plugin ready by JavaOne.

                    If you decide to go with this option and would like to go so far as to integrate/include the plugin with jbosside our only requirement is that the plugin retains some kind of "eviware" and/or "soapui" branding (in an about box, help files etc..)

                    In any case, we will most likely integrate jbossws tools into a coming version of the swing-based soapui since we
                    - know that not all jboss developers use/like eclipse
                    - target soapui not only at a java audience (we have soapui users building webservices with .NET, PHP, etc) and dont want to require eclipse for non java shops
                    - have our own vision regarding how the "optimum" SOA developer tools should work ;-)

                    ok.. let us know what you think..

                    best regards,


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                      Hi again Ole.

                      This news is very exciting for us.. does your team have any specific goals in mind for the first release of your SoapUI tools port to Eclipse?

                      I am sure it would be no problem to mention eviware/soapui on our official downloads page, the product itself, and in our documentation. We will probably need to clear everything up with the higher ups here but I am pretty confident this will be doable.

                      I totally understand your need to stay "agnostic" WRT to your tooling -- I obviouslly do not expect you to throw away your entire Swing codebase and port to Eclipse only =). Whatever you can give will be very helpful.

                      All of that being said -- Jason, Thomas, do you guys have any ideas for bottom-up WS functionality we could have in JBossIDE?

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                        Ole Matzura Novice

                        Hello all!

                        again thanks for your reply. After more internal discussions we would like to propose the following:

                        We will create a "standalone" soapui-eclipse-plugin with the previously mentioned integrated jbossws "top-down" functionality (generate server/client from wsdl, juddi browsing, etc) The same jbossws-integration will also eventually be made available in the "standalone" version of soapui.
                        - We will initially focus on the "inspection/invocation" functionality of soapui and save functional/load-testing features for a future release. This will hopefully enable us to have the plugin ready by javaone (if required by you).
                        - If you want to "integrate" the plugin into JBossIDE (ie some kind of "bundling") we will be happy to help you with this, provided that the "bundled" version of the plugin somehow retains our brands (eviware/soapui) and makes them visible to the end-user
                        - Further development of the "standalone" soapui-eclipse-plugin will be done by us and in line with soapui development in general, if a JBossIDE integration is performed, the maintainance of this integration needs to be decided on.. (joint venture?)

                        does this match your expections/requriements? hope I'm not confusing things :-)

                        What do the jbossws guys think (Thomas, Jason, etc..) about all this?

                        best regards!


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                          Jason Greene Master


                          "mculpepper@jboss.com" wrote:

                          All of that being said -- Jason, Thomas, do you guys have any ideas for bottom-up WS functionality we could have in JBossIDE?

                          The first release of tools will do both bottom-up, and top-down. Although most of my focus for this release will be in bottom-up. That said, althought there is a public API, it is in need of a redesign, which wont make the first release.

                          Also, the 1.0 tools release purely focuses on j2ee 1.4, so no annotation support as of yet.

                          For JEE 5 we will most likely start from a fresh codebase since schema generation has to be moved to jbossxb.

                          So, I guess my answer is that we will have something that will meet your needs, but expect it to change.


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                            Thomas Diesler Master


                            thanks for discussing this issue so eagerly. Here is my vision:

                            jbosside is the graphical UI for wstools. All functionality for bottom-up/top-down is in wstools (i.e. not duplicated in jbosside). soapui goes beyond what wstools is aimed at (i.e. endpoint invocation, functional tests, load tests, etc.) jbosside is the graphical UI for that functionality as well.

                            As far as resource planning and professional support arround the WS part of jbosside goes, I would like to see this handled by an extension to Marshall's team. Long term, wstools should migrate into the same hands, which would free Jason for other tasks.

                            So lets be clear about it: I would like to bring soapui on board and provide professional support arround it. Marshall if you agree, then this needs to be discussed at the next TBoD meeting end of Apr/2006.

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                              Yes, this is something I would like to see happen.. Let's talk more offline.

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                                Jason Greene Master

                                On the topic of integrating SOAP-UI. I think that is great. This would allow for a single cohesive web services development environment. A would be able to develop, deploy, debug and test their web service in one place.


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                                  Ole Matzura Novice

                                  Hello all!

                                  I'm happy to hear we are all so agreeable on this issue :-) Anyway.. we would still like to propose an integration in the line of my previous post.. is that a possible path for jboss-ide?

                                  To Jason: since soapui will focus on the top-down part, what top-down functionality are you preparing for wstools 1.0? (you can just point me at some jira issue or cvs document which I can read myself).

                                  Since we have just released soapui 1.5beta1 and are "cleaning up" for the 1.5 release, we also want to make plans for the upcoming versions..what milestones / deadlines are there in your schedule (javaone, jboss-vegas, etc)? What would you like to have ready from us by then?



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                                    Hey again Ole =)

                                    I believe your proposal is modest, and we should definately pursue integration with your Eclipse top-down WS tools.

                                    As far as a timeline is concerned, We are hoping to have either an RC or at the very least a milestone ready for JavaOne. Is all of the functionality you listed above doable by that time frame?

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