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    Missing BasicInvocationContext class

    Thomas Diesler Master


      Thomas Diesler [14/Nov/07 06:35 AM]
      As of jbossws-spi-1.0.0, you should be using


      Mark Little [14/Nov/07 06:44 AM]
      Thomas, unless this was previously documented as a non-public API then it cannot be removed in the 2.0.x codebase. You can support it elsewhere, but you need to be backwardly compatible. Thanks.

      Thomas Diesler [14/Nov/07 07:01 AM]
      jbossws-2.0.1 was the first release that used jbossws-spi-1.0.0.GA as a
      standalone project. Before that the SPI was still work in progress and
      an integral part of the jbossws core code base.

      I understand your backward compatibility concerns and yes, everything in
      jbossws-spi-1.0.0.GA is public and can be used (from that release

      I hope we can resolve possible API/SPI incompatibility issues between
      2.0.0 and 2.0.1 in an unbureaucratic way and jbossws-spi-1.0.0.GA can be
      our baseline to move forward

      Alternatively, we would need to create a SP branch for jbossws-spi-1.0.0 where we restore the API that the ESB is using.
      For many a reason I would recommend the ESB uses the 1.0.0.GA SPI/API

      Mark Little [14/Nov/07 08:26 AM]
      Thomas, this isn't bureaucratic: we have a message around the platforms that there will be no backward compatibility issues within minor version numbers of the individual projects. Unless you made this change because of a bug, then this has to be changed as well.

      If something was available in JBossWS 2.0.0GA it needs to continue to be available in JBossWS 2.0.1GA and CPs. We've been over this before and if the other projects can work within this approach I'd expect the same from your project.

      What is the problem with adding jbossws-spi-1.0.0GA and maintaining backward compatibility with JBossWS 2.0.0GA?

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