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    JBoss Build and http proxy

    Fabiano C. de Oliveira Newbie

      Is possible to config the jbosss build to get thirdparty files behind a proxy ?

      I tried :

      >build.bat -DproxySet=true -DproxyHost=proxyhost -Dhttp.proxyPort=proxyPort

      and did not work. I set the build log information and we found:
      [get] Error getting http://repository.jboss.com/apache-log4j/1.2.8/component-info.xml to D:\Projetos\OpenSourceBase\anoncvs\jboss-4.0\thirdparty\apache-log4j\component-info.xml

      Is there another form to get thirdparty files ?

      Sorry for the user question I did not know in wich forum to post this. thanks.