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    Creating a subversion trunks folder in JBoss Common

    Paul Gier Master

      I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this, but I would like to create a trunks folder at the root of the JBoss commons project. It would use svn externals properties to map to each of the subproject trunk folders. This would allow us to keep separate the trunk/tags/branches separate for the subfolders, but also allow an easy checkout process.

      Currently we have to check out each common subproject trunk folder separately. If I create a folder called "trunks" here:

      I can put one svn property that maps to the trunk folder of each of the subprojects. So that all the subproject (common-core, common-logging-jdk, etc) trunk folders can be checked out at one time.

      For more information about how this works you can look here: