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    New Maven Repositories

    Paul Gier Master

      I think it would be useful to have a separate snapshot repository for maven builds. We could set it up something like this:

      maven2/ - similar to our existing repository, but does not contain any snapshot builds.

      maven2-snapshots/ - contains snapshot versions

      One advantage of this is that we can configure the build to use a release profile that does not allow dependencies from the snapshots repository, so we can make sure that a release build only includes other releases.

      Also, the snapshot repository would not need to be in SVN or CVS, because each snapshot build will get a date and a build number attached to it. And it seems unlikely that we would need to regenerate an old snapshot.

      We could also be more open with the permissions in the snapshot repository so that developers can add jars as needed. The regular maven2 repository can be under stricter control updated only by release engineering.

      Another question is do we want to split the main repository from the plugins repository? Something like this:
      I don't see much advantage to this. It provides a little bit more organization, but I'm not sure if it's worth it.

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          Scott Stark Master

          Its just a question of ease of use for me. Without knowing how this affects day to day usage change is bad. The biggest problem with the current nesting of the maven2 repo being inside of the repository.jboss.com root is simply that its a little more difficult to separate I suppose. You can't just checkout repository.jboss.com to obtain one or the other of the repos. I would not change this until we have defined how one does a release to the repository using the mvn deploy target.

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            Paul Gier Master

            I don't think it would affect day to day usage, because we aren't changing anything about the existing repository.

            The snapshot repo could be set up as a simple file server where developers can upload new snapshots as needed and/or automated builds are uploaded on a nightly or weekly basis. These files would not need to be in CVS or SVN. You wouldn't need to check out a copy of the repository locally because maven "deploy" can be configured to copy the file to the server via ftp or through a share or one of a few other ways.

            The current /maven2 repository would be only for releases. That might keep it a little cleaner than if the two are combined. Eventually we could have the release engineering team responsible for doing releases, and take away developer access to the releases repository.