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    Aggregate goal

    Carlo de Wolf Master

      I have got the following structure in JBossAS repo:
      + build - project to build the aggregate javaee.jar from the other api
      + ejb-api
      + transaction-api
      + servlet-api

      Now how do I create the javaee.jar (and source) artifact in the build project?

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          Paul Gier Master

          You can use the assembly plugin to combine the modules into a single artifact.
          I'm working on the assembly configuration for common, and the only problem that I've run into so far is that the module name has to match the artifactId. So if your module is called "ejb-api" then your artifactId also must be called "ejb-api" and not "jboss-ejb-api"

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            Carlo de Wolf Master

            I changed the artifact id to match.

            I saw in the generated module source jars double entries of all source files with an extra prefix of main (javax/ejb/EJBException.java and main/javax/ejb/EJBException.java). The combined source contains even more prefixes.

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              Paul Gier Master

              The double entries was caused by the way the resources section was set up. It had src as the resources directory, and then etc/** under the includes section. It makes sense logically, but I think what was happening was that etc/.. was getting picked up which contains main. So it was treating main as one of the resource includes. I changed the pom so that src/etc is the base directory, and I think that fixed the problem.

              I also changed the assembly configuration so that your module names don't have to match the artifact Ids. I sent you the updated poms. If you want me to check them in, just let me know.