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    Build System Meeting Agenda Mar 15, 2007

    Paul Gier Master

      Progress Since Last Meeting

      Released basic version of jboss-retro-maven-plugin. It can now generate and deploy jdk1.4 compatible files. Still need to implement the retro check functionality.
      Tested the maven release plugin. This plugin was used to generate svn tags and deploy the maven plugins
      Tested the assembly plugin. Created an assembly for jboss-common that could be used to create a combined common file.

      Topics to Discuss

      Review the release and assembly plugins. Discuss how they can be used for releases of various projects.
      Discuss deployment of jdk1.4 compatible artifacts.
      Carlo has started working on mavenizing the EJB project.
      Have not heard from IT regarding the snapshot repository and the maven build server or the svn migration.

      Goals for Next Meeting

      Switch jboss microcontainer over to maven.
      Migrate jboss-retro builds to maven
      Complete the retro check functionality of the retro plugin

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          Paul Gier Master

          Meeting Notes
          We reviewed the release and assembly plugins. Next week we will have a demo of these plugins with the microcontainer project.
          Discussed the release process and came up with some ideas about how it will work once we are mavenized and integrated with Red Hat release engineering
          Talked briefly about the retro builds, and how the jdk1.4 jars can be used with dependency classifiers.