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    Build System Meeting Agenda Mar 29, 2007

    Paul Gier Master

      Progress Since Last Meeting

      Updated JIRA, so the issues are up to date and schedule is now correct
      Microcontainer has been migrated fully to maven
      Released a new version of JBossRetro (bug fixes and minor interface changes. Release of jboss-retro-maven-plugin is scheduled for tomorrow (March 30th)
      Made some improvements to the jboss-deploy maven plugin and released version 1.1
      IT created snapshot repository, they are still working on setting up access for all developers.
      IT started CVS to SVN migration

      Topics to Discuss

      Thirdparty repository - It would be helpful to have a thirdparty repository to separate all the non-jboss dependencies. Maybe a plugin can be created to copy a project's dependencies from the central repository to this thirdparty repo.
      Release process - next R&D meeting will include a discussion of the release process, what questions remain about this?
      Anything else?

      Goals for next meeting

      Work on CVS to SVN migration (repository.jboss.com, serialization, jbossretro)
      Release version 2 of the jboss-parent (includes retro and deploy plugins, some new eclipse configuration, and the snapshots repo)
      Create a wiki page with a list of jboss projects showing what stage of mavenization they are in.
      Finalize the new maven based release process