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    Build Automation Stuff

    Paul Gier Master

      Mark Proctor requested a few features to automate more of the maven build process. This thread can be used to discuss these ideas.

      Update the jboss maven2 repo - currently the maven deploy plugin handles several protocols for deployment (ftp, ssh, webdav, etc) but it doesn't include the ability to commit to cvs or svn the way that we are currently set up. So that is a manual step.
      IT has set up a snapshot respository (http://snapshots.jboss.org) which can be updated via webdav. The ability to upload to this repo will be included in version 2 of the jboss-parent pom.

      Copy dists to downloads.jboss.com - This can be done either with a new custom plugin, or we might be able to configure the deploy plugin as part of the release profile to upload these distributions the way we want. The deploy plugin will automatically pick up any artifacts that are attached to the build, such as custom assemblies for distribution. So we would just have to use one of the existing protocols that downloads.jboss.com has available.

      Update the labs.jboss.org site - depending on what information we want on the labs, this might be a combination of the maven site plugin (which creates a default web site for a project) and our own custom plugin which creates the info that we can't get though configuring the default site plugin.

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          Mark Proctor Apprentice

          Currently we have to upload the manuals and javadocs page by page, image by image, creating long upload times. This automation should be accompanied by an enhancement to jboss.org where projects only upload zips containing the content, which jboss.org then manages the rendering of the contents of that zip.

          As jboss.org is moving all projects to maven the maven's site generation facilites should be templated and integrated with jboss.org.

          The plugin should be able to differentiate between releases (stable and unstable) and nightly snapshots, as the location of jars, zip, manuals, javadocs etc may be different.