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    Build System Meeting Agenda April 12, 2007

    Paul Gier Master

      Progress since last meeting
      repository.jboss.org is now in svn
      Made some enhancements to jboss-deploy-maven-plugin
      Added info to the wiki, including a page for list of projects and their mavenization status (http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=MavenizationStatus)
      Updated the jboss-parent pom.xml to include snapshot repositories. Version 2 should be released today.
      Researched some options for copying dependencies from the central maven repositories to jboss repo before doing a release.
      The jboss-test project now has a working maven build script, and mavenization will be completed this week.

      Topics to discuss
      Uploading thirdparty artifacts to the maven repositories. I think there are still a few open questions about how this should work. I started writing up ideas about how this can work here: http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=MavenThirdPartyJars
      Release process - I started learning about the redhat software brew, and have contacted Red Hat release engineering. I'm hoping to get a prototype working soon that allows a maven build to be called by brew. Currently brew is lacking svn support, so this will have to be added.

      Goals for next meeting
      Complete all JIRA tasks listed under Maven Build 1.2.
      Start working on jboss-retro issues in preparation for the next release.
      Prepare some demos and documentation of brew and maven working together.
      Keep updating and adding to the wiki.