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    General Build System Update

    Paul Gier Master

      I haven't provided a general update for the build project in a while, so I thought I would give a summary of what is going on.

      Current projects
      System for retro builds - I'm working on an improved system for retro jdk14 builds so that these builds can work more easily (tests, deployment, etc.) with the standard builds. See this thread for more information.

      JBoss.org site integration - It would be very helpful to be able to deploy a maven generated site directly to jboss.org. This will reduce the need for creating wiki documentation, and will help standardized the organization of project sites. I have made some progress on this and have created sites for jboss-retro, maven-jboss-retro-plugin, and maven-jdocbook-plugin. These can be seen on the jboss.org site.

      Docbook - Working on configuring microcontainer and other projects to use the maven-jdocbook-plugin.

      Future stuff
      Repository synchronization - soon we should have automated synchronization between the jboss repository and the central maven repository.

      Standardized release process - The goal is to have standardized reproducible builds and releases. Some issues have been found related to integration of koji with maven, so there is some work to do on the maven side for this.

      Mavenization of app server - the plan is to finish this within the next couple of months.