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    How to create a maven dependency for external project that h

    Adrian Brock Master

      What's the procedure for creating a maven dependency on an external
      project that has been patched?


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          Paul Gier Master

          There isn't currently a standard procedure for this, as far as I know. I created this wiki page a while back and I guess option 3 is what you want. http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=MavenThirdPartyJars

          If you just want to deploy the existing jars from the ant repo, then you can just use the maven deploy plugin "mvn deploy:deploy-file" to deploy the jar, and generate a basic pom and metadata.
          If you need to patch a new version that doesn't exist in the ant repository, then I think we can follow the same basic conventions that we do now. Just deploy the bin and source jars with a modified version number. Maybe we should have a separate jar in the repository that contains just the patches. So a structure something like this: