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    SVN Branching as Part of Build Process

    Andrew Rubinger Master

      So I'm admittedly new at performing JBoss releases, but wanted to raise a couple concerns encountered while doing a couple this weekend for the EJB3 Projects.

      Following instructions from:

      This doesn't account for branching first, I'd been tagging straight off of trunk. This makes doing minor incremental releases more difficult (ie. 0.1.1.Beta1, 0.1.1.Beta2, etc) because the Maven release plugin will (by default) set the next development version to something like "0.1.2-SNAPSHOT". Would love to see a process that involves a branch first to "0.1.1.BetaX" and tag "X" as subsequent releases off this branch, not incrementing the next development version at all.

      What steps have been taken by others to work around this, if any? Could we introduce the Maven Branch Plugin to "mvn release:branch -DupdateBranchVersions=true -DupdateWorkingCopyVersions=false" into the process? **


      ** = http://maven.apache.org/plugins/maven-release-plugin/examples/branch.html