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    Deploying maven built artifacts to the ant repository.

    Paul Gier Master

      Andrew created this issue http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBBUILD-437

      This would allow a maven built project to deploy to the maven repository with it's normal artifactId, but deploy to the ant/buildmagic repository with a different artifactId. Specifically it could apply to the jboss metadata project which in maven looks like:


      But would be able to deploy to the ant repository as

      My only concern with this is that it becomes more difficult to track corresponding artifacts if artifactIds are different.

      Would it be better to just change the ant build dependencies on metadata so that they use the same artifactId that maven projects are using? In other words, change the references in any build-thirdparty.xml files to use the same name as maven is using.