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    Handling resource files in thirdparty dependencies

    Rajesh Rajasekaran Newbie

      Moving Paul's post to a separate thread:
      "I'm not sure about the best way to handle the "resources" folders in some of the app server dependencies. I created a workaround in the plugin that allows the plugin to copy files from the directory "thirdparty/src/main/resources" to the appropriate locations, but this has some drawbacks because these files are now version controlled in the app server source tree instead of their respective projects.

      In the long term maybe the projects should jar these files and create an artifact with a classifier of "resources" that can be downloaded to the appropriate place. So for example aop would have a file called something like "aop-2.0-resources.jar". I'm open to suggestions on this if anyone has ideas of how to best handle it. "

      We need to come up with a solution for this and have projects implement it, because the jbossws config files under "thirdparty/src/main/resources" are already outdated.

      Projects currently identified with resource files:

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          Paul Gier Master

          One idea is to publish the resources and/or bin directories using classifiers "resources" and "bin". Then the plugin could download and extract these files to the appropriate places.
          So for example aop would publish:

          The plugin would then extract and files it finds with a resources classifier.