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    jboss metadata pom

    Dimitris Andreadis Master

      I'm making some changes to the jboss-metadata pom, for getting closer to a Beta7 release:

      - Updated to org.jboss.microcontainer:jboss-container:jar:2.0.0.Beta9 (was Beta6)
      - and removed the jboss:jbossxb exclusion (AFAICT, not needed anymore)
      - Updated to org.jboss:jboss-vfs:jar:2.0.0.Beta10 (from Beta4)
      - Updated to org.jboss:jbossxb:jar:2.0.0.CR8 (from CR5)
      - Update to org.jboss.javaee:jboss-javaee:jar:5.0.0.Beta3Update1 (from Beta3)
      - Update to org.jboss:jboss-test:jar:1.0.5.GA:test (from 1.0.4.GA)

      Possible Inconsistencies
      - Shouldn't the groupId for jboss-vfs be changed to 'org.jboss.vfs' (or org.jboss.virtual), rather than org.jboss ?
      - Same for jbossxb. Shouldn't groupId be 'org.jboss.xb'?
      - Same for org.jboss.jaxws
      - Same for metadata project itself

      - common-logging-spi appears with 2 names: