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    component releases that depend on snapshot

    Dimitris Andreadis Master

      Here is a part of a dependency tree

      +- jboss:jboss-common-logging-spi:jar:2.0.4.GA:compile
      +- org.jboss.javaee:jboss-jca-api:jar:
      \- org.jboss.javaee:jboss-transaction-api:jar:

      How are those component like jboss-jca-api:jar: or jboss-transaction-api:jar: produced?

      Are those snapshot dependencies that are automatically uploaded when the outer component is released?

      And is this considered a good practise? In this case we have a Beta4 version of the transaction-spi (and I believe the overal jboss-integration project) that depends on an untagged version of the jboss-javaee project.

      Am I missing something?