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    Adding maven projects to the JBoss repository

    John Verhaeg Newbie

      I have a couple for questions that I'm hoping more out of desperation than anything else have easy positive answers:

      I'm just about ready to check-in a library called Aperture and all of its dependencies to the JBoss repository. Is there anyone that needs to see or approve how I do this or whether everything I have is accurate? I have a couple of concerns in particular:

      Many of these dependencies don't seem to exist in any other repository, so I have no source code, JavaDocs, or test code.
      I don't know how to ensure that the projects are complete in-and-of themselves, outside of their use by Aperture. In other words, individual jars used by Aperture may have other projects and jars they are dependent upon as a whole, but the Aperture distribution may not have included those merely because it doesn't use that functionality (just like our project is doing via explicit exclusions in our poms).

      Is there any good at least partially automated way to chase down all of these damn dependencies and get them mavenized? I just found another dependency that has its own host of dependencies that were automatically pulled down to my local repository that I now have to track down and migrate to my check-out location, including collecting source code, JavaDocs, test jars, updating the MD5 and SHA1 files....jeez, there's gotta be a better way! Somebody, please say, "Oh yeah, there's a much easier way..."!



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          Paul Gier Master

          No one needs to approve what you check in, if there ends up being a problem with it we can fix it or remove it. When you say that the dependencies don't exist in any other repositories where are these coming from? Are these commercial thirdparty jars? If they are, you probably shouldn't check them in unless you know that we have a right to redistribute them. If they are open source projects, then you may want to check something like this site:


          That will tell you if they exist in the central repository and what groupId/artifactId they are using.

          There is not much you can do about missing transitive dependencies. Again this is just an issue of where the jars are coming from. But if your main goal is to put Aperture in the repository and it has all the dependencies it needs, then I think that is ok.

          Sorry there is no way to automate mavenization of the dependencies. But if the dependencies you're talking about are being pull from a maven repository, then they are already mavenized, at least to a certain extent. As far as getting a copy of the files for us, hopefully when I get the proxy server set up it can take care of storing a copy of downloaded dependencies for you.

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            John Verhaeg Newbie

            Thanks, Paul. They are not 3rd-party jars, and I was already checking in the central Maven repository. These come from maven repositories at Aduna and Semweb4j. I guess off I go...