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    Aleksandar Kostadinov Novice


      where is buildmagic-tasks.jar got from? I see it in jbossas svn repo as a library but can't find any sources. Aren't we going to eventually stop using it?

      My problem with it is that it contains some old classes like org.jboss.logging.* which interfere with my changes to jboss server manager. Being in lib, the Logger class is loaded from it rather than the classpath I'm specifying for the server manager tasks.

      Do you think I can put it out of lib to some other directory and change the taskdefs to include it with a specified classpath? Any idea which should be that directory? tools/thirdparty?

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          Paul Gier Master

          I moved the source to svn.

          We are going to eventually stop using it. I just removed it from the aop build this week, but it's going to take some more time to remove it from the app server build without breaking everything. If you want to move it to a different directory that would be fine as long as ant can still find it to use the tasks.

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            Aleksandar Kostadinov Novice

            Thanks, I'm now trying the test suite. If I see no issues to the end, I'll commit the changes moving tools/lib/buildmagic-tasks.jar to tools/lib-ext/buildmagic-tasks.jar

            --- tools/etc/buildmagic/buildmagic.ent (revision 79583)
            +++ tools/etc/buildmagic/buildmagic.ent (working copy)
            @@ -57,6 +57,7 @@


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              Aleksandar Kostadinov Novice

              Second try with with the diff:

              --- tools/etc/buildmagic/buildmagic.ent (revision 79583)
              +++ tools/etc/buildmagic/buildmagic.ent (working copy)
              @@ -57,6 +57,7 @@
               <fileset dir="${project.tools}/lib">
               <include name="*.jar"/>
              + <pathelement location="${project.tools}/lib-ext/buildmagic-tasks.jar"/>
               <pathelement location="${project.tools}/lib"/>
               <pathelement location="${project.tools}/etc"/>
               <pathelement location="${project.tools}"/>

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                Aleksandar Kostadinov Novice

                Committed revision 79633.

                I tested it works with JBoss AS trunk rev79434

                Btw, I'm seing the following suspicious files in tools/lib:

                I think that these better go to the new lib-ext directory and be included in the required tasks' classpaths. No idea where are these used though. As well if the whole build and test suite get moved to maven eventually, these will go away with it.