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    update on App server mavenization

    Paul Gier Master

      I have now migrated approximately half of the app server modules in trunk (AS 6) to maven, and I will be finishing the rest in the next couple of weeks.

      The build now works by calling the maven modules from the ant build (build/build.xml) and then continuing with the ant build of the distribution. Soon I will be removing the build.xml files in the modules where they are no longer needed and I will change the sh and bat scripts to point to the maven build instead of ant.

      Once all of the individual modules are converted, the next step will be to simplify the distribution build (JBBUILD-513).

      After that, my goal is to gradually phase out use of the thirdparty directory. The dependencies that are currently downloaded into thirdparty will be split up into several places. Each module will define it's own dependencies in its pom. Dependencies that are needed for the distribution, but not for any module build will be added to build/pom.xml. And dependencies that are only needed by the testsuite will be listed in a new pom in the testsuite directory.

      The modules that have already been migrated are:
      bootstrap, main, j2se, mbeans, jmx, system, system-jmx, security, server, deployment, jbossas/remoting, jmx-remoting, jbossas/jmx-remoting

      The remaining modules will be migrated in this order:
      messaging, cluster, varia, iiop, aspects, profileservice, connector, management, ejb3, tomcat, webservices, hibernate-int, console, spring-int