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    "./build.sh clean main" doesn't update thirdparty

    Carlo de Wolf Master


      ./build.sh clean main

      doesn't update thirdparty anymore, because there is now a checkthirdparty before which makes createthirdparty do nothing.

      I think clean needs a different dependency set. Do we really need thirdparty on clean? If so, then the checkthirdparty is bogus. If not, then remove that createthirdparty dependency. In any case remove checkthirdparty.

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          Paul Gier Master

          I fixed this in trunk, but not 5_x, so I will fix that now. Not calling "create-thirdparty" at all on a clean would be my first choice also, but the build fails if it can't find libraries.ent (which is generated create-thirdparty) and all the properties it contains. While libraries.ent needs to be present for the clean, it doesn't need to be up to date. So the checkthirdparty is just an optimization so that we don't have to regenerate thirdparty for every clean.

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            Carlo de Wolf Master


            BUILD FAILED
            ~/work/jboss-5.x/server/build.xml:202: Reference jboss.jboss.bootstrap.classpath not found.

            As a workaround:
            ./build.sh createthirdparty clean main