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    TC6 integration 1st pass

    Bill Burke Master

      Ok, I took a snapshot of Tomcat 6 SVN and integrated it with JBoss. It had some annotation mistakes from spec (@DeclareRoles and @EJB was in the wrong package) so I had to modify it.

      The only thing I tested was the JMX-Console and EJB3 webservices. I had run the web testsuite before the integration and got a lot of errors so didn't bother trying after the integration. Also, Anil said he would fix any problems anyways.

      The repository has a snapshot of the sourcecode if you need to look back to it.

      By end of next week (hopefully a lot sooner), I hope to have the 1st iteration of injection into Tomcat for Java EE 5. This will require minor changes to Tomcat and also a refactoring of EJB3 so that code can be shared between these modules.

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