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    Project Management + Calendar Modules?

    Anthony Newbie

      Hi, folks --

      Are Calendaring and Project Management modules are in the works?

      I'm about ready to start working on a Project Management site for a non-Profit in Boston. It'll support general purpose (primarily non-technical) projects as well as a special Silent Auction type of project. I've been thinking that Nukes platform would make a very good foundation on which to build this site. But before going out and trying to code a complicated new module from scratch, I'd rather make sure that isn't already something out there already that we could use and/or extend.

      A note about the Silent Auction project type. It will have special features for managing catalog entries, their item(s), their documentation, and associating them with donor people/companies, plus the usual generic proj. mgmt. features like assigning tasks, etc.

      I've look around a bit and can't seem to find any news on whether these two types of modules are coming. Please forgive me if the answer is out there & I overlooked it.

      Many thanks!