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    Updated downloads module

    Matthieu Chase Heimer Newbie

      Well I started off forking the downloads module in to a links/bookmark module and I discovered some problems with the download module along the way so I decided to fix those fist.

      I found one repeatable way to cause an Exception and a module operation that was linked to in one of the views that was never implemented. I'm guessing it just wasn't ever finished off......

      At some point I'd like to get cvs access to add my links module which should hopefully be done this week but in the mean time what do I do with my updates to the download module? Should I post bug reports over on SF for the problems I found still?

      I still haven't changed any version numbers in any of the files yet and I'd like some comments on what I've done since I just started playing with Nukes modules last week. You can get my work in progress at http://www.ej4l.com/downloads.zip.