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    Good Example?

    David Trum Newbie

      Adding an Eclipse example to JBoss.3.0QuickStart.Draft3.pdf would be great for a newbie (a.k.a. me) along with a simple initial example with excruciatingly detailed steps to implement.

      I may be a poster child newbie, where I am pretty familiar with Java and Tomcat development but use vi instead of NetBeans/Eclipse/JBuilder. I've seen Eclipse, but haven't used it for JSP's (or EJBs) since there was not an editor for this file type. Also, I really want to build a "Hello World" application in JBoss that touches a few points within the popular functionality. In the JBoss.3.0QuickStart.Draft3.pdf, there was no hard core accompanying .war example -- that's where I lost the drift of the PDF.

      Net-Net: What is the best JBosss IDE and is there a simple example ?

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          Hans Dockter Newbie

          We have developed a JBoss-IDE on top of eclipse. Soon the binaries will be available at our downloads together with a quick start guide.

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            Fabrice Fourel Newbie

            Hi, this is a great news for the eclipse and jboss users (even for all the J2EE developpers).
            Is this IDE already finished and do you have any idea for the release date (one month or later ?).

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              Hans Dockter Newbie

              The planned release date is January 23th

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                jason poley Newbie

                any more details?

                any plans for an intellij plugin?

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                  Fabrice Fourel Newbie

                  Thanks for your reply.
                  More two days....I am in a hurry to see the tool.
                  Do you have Screenshots (to have patience) ?
                  Some questions : you said that JBoss-IDe is built on Eclipse : is it a plugin (or collection of plugins) or a complete dedicated IDE ? And what are the principal functions ?

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                    Hans Dockter Newbie

                    Eclipse is an application framework and basically every of its functionalities is provided by plugins. So we add to that.

                    So far it consists of:
                    xdoclet support
                    lifecycle management of jboss servers

                    Probably tomorrow there will be an release.

                    Eclipse is our framework and therefore no other IDE is supported.

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                      Dan Dobrin Newbie

                      Genuitec plug-in for Eclipse should be a good start.


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                        Alan Newbie

                        was the Jboss/Eclipse IDE released yet?

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                          Tony Newbie

                          Not one of those "Free Beer Tomorrow" gags! Where's the beef, I mean, the IDE? All kidding aside, some customers still use Weblogic and Websphere so I would rather use a vanilla Eclipse with a target switch.

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                            Hans Dockter Newbie

                            Sorry for the delay,

                            I've just uploaded the binaries to sourceforge. So the JBoss admins will release them soon.

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                              jason poley Newbie

                              yes i agree, not sure why its not just a plugin, or series of plugins?

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                                Xavier Cho Newbie

                                I'm not certain if it is intentional not to mention there's an alpha version of JBoss IDE available at sf.net. Have been using it for a few days and so far it seems just great - I'd say at least better than the EASIE plugin.

                                Although I think the name JBoss 'IDE' is quite misleading at this moment, but as a plugin, it would help boost productivity immensely. I'm going to adopt it as a standard development environment for our development team. Really appreciated for the good work and keep on moving!


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                                  Hans Dockter Newbie

                                  Actually it's the same project. I put a more experimental version on the sf.site of my project docletassistant for internal evaluation and for my 'old' users used to certain limitations. It's definitely reccomendable using the version now released on JBoss.org and so it was intentional not to mention it, in particular as I hoped to move on faster.

                                  You say JBoss-IDE is misleading. Well, not all aspects of development are covered yet and support of XDoclet is pretty general but in particular useful for JBoss. And controlling the lifecycle of the JBoss servers is also what I expect of a JBoss-IDE.

                                  Deployment, Project setup, XDoclet generation and Cactus tests are topics for the next versions. And then it's even more JBoss-IDE.

                                  It's now 12 hours ago that I uploaded the stuff and it seems not available yet. But this is not in my hands so I for those who won't wait any longer I've put the new version on:


                                  It will be removed from there as soon as it is released on JBoss.org.

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                                    Tony Newbie

                                    I think it should be promoted as EJBuilder and let Sun and Borland fight it out in terms of whose trademark is actually being violated:)

                                    I do think it would be better to promote this as Eclipse Extensions for JBoss. JBoss IDE is misleading insofar as it implies more than deserves to be implied. Anyway, I've got my project under this now but when launching JBoss it is not picking up the VM options and my application gets really cranky when it doesn't see my -D definitions. I'll try the remote debugging where the switches are picked up by run.bat via JAVA_OPTS.

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