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    Generall overhead in XHR response?! That makes no sense...

    Steffen Grimm Newbie


      I am just evaluating some jsf-ajax frameworks and profiled some components of richfaces live demo and also my own richfaces sample application with firebug. I found out that all performed XHR have the complete page content in the response part, which creates much uneeded overhead.

      For example the simple Ajax Echo in the UserGuide:

      <h:inputText size="50" value="#{ajaxBean.text}">
       <a4j:support event="onkeyup" reRender="rep" />
      <h:outputText value="#{ajaxBean.text}" id="rep" />

      Produces a 2KB XHR each time a key is pressed. For example the
      Apache Trinidad Framework only needs 800 Bytes for the same operation.
      Thats because not the whole page is sent but only the necessary data.

      I already tried it with surrounding a4j:region tags with renderRegionOnly="true", but still the same overhead.

      My question: Is thats a generall richfaces design issue or is it just a configuration and setup problem?? Can the size be reduced, by maybe change the format of the message to XML and only transfer essential data?
      In my oppinion this is the concept behind ajax! Why make an XHR when nevertheless the whole page is transferred anyway?

      Any answers are welcome!!

      Cheers and Thanks!

      BTW.: these two threads concern the same issue, but I did not get a real answer out of them:


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