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    Useless StandardMBeanInfoInterceptor ?

    Fabiano C. de Oliveira Newbie

      When JBAS-1930 was fixed for curiosity I was asking myself why no problem with "StandardsMBeans" was found too. Because MBeanInfoConversion.toModelMBeanInfo() code was adding attributes to ModelMBeanOperationInfo array. I was thinking this a weird thing.

      So after read with more careful the JMX code I found that this is because the StandardMBeanInfoInterceptor interceptor added to "StandardMBeans", more specific the MBeanInfoConversion.stripAttributeOperations() method used by this interceptor to "hide" attributes operations.

      The proposal is remove this interceptor and make MBeanInfoConversion.toModelMBeanInfo to stop to add attributes to operations array. This form the interceptor StandardMBeanInfoInterceptor is no more necessary and stripAttributeOperations method can be removed too. I made this changes and no tests broke until now.

      Im missing something ? I know ... this changes are not so useful too :-)