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    Can MainDeployerMBean call the deploy directly ?

    Vicky Kak Master


      // Ok, now deploy the root deployable to finish the job

      MainDeployerMBean md = (MainDeployerMBean)
      MBeanProxyExt.create(MainDeployerMBean.class, mainDeployer, server);

      md.deploy(config.getServerConfigURL() + config.getRootDeploymentFilename());
      catch (IncompleteDeploymentException e) {
      log.error("Root deployment has missing dependencies; continuing", e);

      After going through the code of the MBeanProxyExt I found that this basically does the optimization based on method/attribute call on MBean. What I mean to say is that if the application calls the MBean setter/getter the same value could also be obtained from the corresponding attributes in the MBean . As per my understanding getting the attribute would be faster than getting the same data from the method call.
      So I was wondering if calling the deploy method directly on the MainDeployerMBean is ok . I know this is just called once during the booting of the Jboss so would not significantly improve the booting.
      Why I am suggesting to make a direct call to the MainDeployer is because the code will become more easy to understand ?
      Does this make a sense?