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    JBAS-1808 - RAR MBeans

    Adrian Brock Master

      This got delayed to 4.0.4 because there was no discussion about it.

      The idea is to expose MBeans that provide management information
      about the JCA RARs.

      For the basic RAR, I'd propose that we allow a simple configuration to
      register the ResourceAdapter implementation as an MBean
      probably by adding a jboss-ra.xml or doing some clever trick
      to check whether it is a StandardMBean based on an option
      on the RARDeployer?

      I don't know how complicated we want to get with this in terms of overriding
      the management interface or exposing it as an XMBean.

      <jmx interface="whatever"/>

      It could also just add to the management interface of the RARDeployment
      since it is a DynamicMBean, but that could get confusing if there are
      conflicts with the existing management interface?