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    PreFilled Pool Implementation

    Weston M. Price Master

      Disscussing the following JIRA issue:


      Adrian identified two possible solutions for an implementation:

      1) Modifying the actual implementation to allow for this new behavior.
      2) Developing an custom MBean to 'kick start' the pool into gear prior to deployment.

      I am not married to either approach, however it would seem that the 'easiest' implementation would be the custom MBean. The only pitfall I can see here when a client attempts to set up a PoolFiller for a pool wherein the criteria doesn't allow it. However, the custom MBean seems to be the less intrusive approach and even if we went the first route, it would never truly prevent the client from doing this anyway. The nice thing about the MBean approach really is not having to touch the *-ds.xml file at all, just let the Filler service do the dirty work via dependecies.

      Also, we could suggest a temporary workaround on the Wiki, something to the effect of a custom Servlet that does the same thing the MBean does...(basically just grabs a connection and closes it).


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