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    JCA and JAXB

    Weston M. Price Master

      I converted the *-ds.xml file to a schema represenation (simple conversion using Oxygen, nothing fancy), ran it through the latest xjc compiler, unmarshalled a *-ds.xml document etc, etc.

      Is there any reason why we shouldn't be using this technology over XB. I can understand for the existing ra.xml stuff since it's already done, but for the ds.xml it would seem to make sense at the very least it would eliminate a lot of code that doesn't do anything besides XML binding which JAXB already provides.

      I know that we are going to be using the JAXB RI in 5.0 moving forward so IMO we should go ahead and start leveraging this. In many ways, I would be inclined to replace the ResourceAdapterObjectModel factory as well.