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    Recoverable registration implementation

    Bill Burke Master

      This is in regards to:


      After looking at the JCA code a bunch, it seems that the best place for registering the recoverable might be in the RARDeployment class? After the MCF is fully created, the Recoverable would be registered with the Recovery manager based on all the recoverable properties.

      Not sure this is the best place, but what I've found is that there is no Proxy in front of an MCF and that the implementation of an MCF is defined by the component plugin, correct? So it seems that RARDeployment is the best place to register the Recoverable.

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          Adrian Brock Master

          Its a bit confusing since there are two RARDeployment classes
          (one that actually is the RARDeployment, the other for the MCF - ManagedConnectionFactory).

          I assume you are talking about the one in
          which is the one that turns the MCF into an MBean (by wrapping it).

          Yes that is the correct place. It controls the MCF "lifecycle".

          I believe the main change you need (beside the recovery registration)
          is factoring out the security subject creation that is currently in BaseConnectionManager2?

          It would be better named MCFDeployment or ConnectionDefinitionDeployment.